Kabaggie: Kabuki Brush Case
Earth Diva's zippered kabuki brush bag provides a simple and more sanitary storage
solution for your kabuki brush. Protect your brush from bacteria and keep your makeup
case clean of excess makeup.    
kabuki brush bag: kabaggie
Eco-Friendly Brush Pouch
Easily store your makeup brushes in Earth Diva's 8-pocket eco-friendly brush pouch!
Materials: Hemp/Cotton Blend  
Cosmetic Jars
large cosmetic jar
medium cosmetic jar
small cosmetic jar
These are empty, unlabeled cosmetic jars. They are perfect for mixing mineral foundation
colors, sharing mineral make-up with friends/family, craft storage jars, etc.   
Beauty Supplies
Aluminum Spray Bottle (6 oz)
Earth Diva's misting aluminum spray bottle will serve many of your cosmetic dispensing
needs.  Includes a 6oz aluminum bottle, black sprayer with a clear over cap. Available in
Silver and Pink.
Eco-Friendly Eyeliner Pencil Sharpener
Keep your Earth Diva natural eyeliner pencils in optimal condition with an eco-friendly
sharpener. Includes an easy-store cleaning stick. Constructed from biodegradable,
corn-based plastic.    
'Minerals Mate' Application & Mixing Tray
'Minerals Mate' application & mixing trays provide a clean, effective and fun surface to use
when applying your minerals or any other powder product.  
Two Color Choices!
$21.95 each

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