Mineral  Bronzer
Many women assume that bronzer is a product they can "live without".  However,
bronzer is an amazing make-up tool that offers versatility that many people are
unaware of...

Not a blush user? Try applying bronzer across the apples of the cheeks instead.
This will waken  your skin with a beautiful, natural glow without the look of wearing a

Don't consistently use eyeshadow? If your in a rush and don't feel like messing
with eyeshadow, apply some Earth Diva bronzer to your lids up to your brow. This
naturally  brightens the eyes with a lovely subtle golden brown.  

Need a lid primer? Bronzer also makes an excellent base underneath eyeshadow to
increase adhesiveness. If you are regularly having to re-apply eyeshadow due to oily
skin, applying bronzer to the lid prior to eyeshadow application could greatly reduce
this problem.

Want an overall natural glow to your skin? Apply Earth Diva bronzer where the
light would naturally reflect from your face- cheeks, chin, nose and across forehead.
New to Earth Diva's Loose Mineral Bronzer?

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