Cosmetic Brushes
Unfortunately, the name "synthetic" has a negative connotation for some people - People are
often programmed to want the "real thing".  However, in the case of makeup brushes this isn't
necessary. The quality of taklon brushes have improved drastically- the use of animal hair for
cosmetic purposes has become unnecessary. Here are some benefits of choosing Earth Diva's
vegan cosmetic brushes:

Are you concerned for the environment? Earth Diva's eco-friendly brushes have handles made
from sustainable bamboo resources (eco-friendly kabuki brush coming soon).

Do you find that natural (animal) hair brushes make your skin itchy? In some cases, true
animal hair bristles can cause irritation to the skin. Many people assume it's make-up that is causing
this reaction when in fact it's the brush in which it's applied with. If you are experiencing such reactions
after applying your mineral foundation, try switching to a soft synthetic kabuki brush instead.

 Were you taught that only a natural bristled brush works with mineral make-up? This is a
falsehood. Some beauticians claim that only a "natural" brush made from animal hair will allow the
minerals to "cling" or settle into the bristles for a smooth application. Yes, this adhesiveness is
important, but a quality taklon brush works just as well. In fact, from our experience, animal hair
brushes can absorb too much of the make-up which many people find wasteful and annoying.

Are you having to replace your brushes too much? Makeup bushes made from animal hair can
be difficult to wash- customers have told us that their brush became very oily and "gunky". If you are a
person who re-applies your mineral make-up throughout the day, keeping a clean cosmetic brush is
very important. Yes, you should replace your brush when needed, but a quality synthetic makeup brush
can be washed with a gentle anti-bacterial cleanser and warm water to sanitize (this may reduce
break-outs) and prolong the life of your brush.

Do you have a love of animals? Made from soft, synthetic taklon, Earth Diva's quality cosmetic
brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. We regularly receive feedback from our customers about how soft
the bristles feel against their skin and that they feel better knowing that no animals were harmed to
making it. By shopping with us, you are greatly supporting compassionate beauty..

     Thank You!  

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