Mineral Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, & Lid Primer
Earth Diva offers a wide variety of mineral eyeshadow colors. Whether you prefer a
matte, luster or shimmer finish, you're sure to find a shade of eyeshadow for any
occasion.  Our mineral eye colors provide amazing versatility:

Each color offers a range of hue possibilities. Because Earth Diva mineral eye colors
are pure pigment,  each eyeshadow color can vary in appearance depending upon the
technique of application. Each color can be boldly beautiful or glamorously subtle - you make
the choice.

Do you wear nail polish? Why buy an endless amount of nail polish colors? Save your
money! Mix any of Earth Diva eyeshadow colors with a "clear coat" nail polish (natural if
possible). After use, just clean the brush with nail polish remover and then rinse. We often
choose our eyeshadow to match our attire, why not our nail color too?

Hate re-applying throughout the day? Earth Diva mineral eye colors offer a beautiful,
long lasting color. Oily skin? Try using Earth Diva bronzer as a natural lid primer or base
color to increase adhesiveness.   

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New to Earth Diva's Mineral Eye Shadow?
Earth Diva's mineral lid primers provide a matte, mono-toned base on which to apply eyeshadow.
They increase eyeshadow adhesiveness and the longevity of eyeshadow wear if needed. Lid
primers even out any red/purple tones on the eyelids, awakening the eyes. Silky, opaque, and very
natural. These primers can be worn alone for a very natural look as well.
New to Earth Diva's Mineral Lid Primers?
mineral lid primer
mineral eyeshadow
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