Naturally Beautiful.
Mineral  Eyeshadow
Ultra-Matte, Matte & Semi-Matte
Luster & Shimmer
Eye & Brow
mineral eyeshadow and eyeshadow brush
Wide variety of colors, lustrous or matte.  
Versatile and long lasting.
Don't forget your EYE SHADOW BRUSH!
To apply: Pour a trace amount of minerals into the cap. Saturate the
bristles of the angled eyeliner brush with water, then gentle rub into the
minerals, making sure to maintain the integrity of the bristle shape.  The
consistency of the mixture should not be too watery or too thick- this is easy
to identify after a little practice. Apply as desired. Can be applied in brows
to create a fuller appearance. Washes off easily with warm water and a
gentle cleanser.
Sick and tired of your eyeliner "melting" on hot days, having to
re-apply throughout the day, or scratching your eyelid with a stick
applicator? With mineral eye liner you'll never again have to deal
with these issues or worry about putting hazardous chemicals near
your eyes!   
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