"Beige" mineral foundation is a neutral shade, a bit darker that the shade
Nude. It is well suited for skin tones that don't exhibit strong tones of yellow or
pink, but falls in between.

Unsure if this is the ideal shade for your skin tone? Color matching is easy
with our
Foundation Sample Kit. Sample each color of our bare mineral
foundations within your complexion range.  

Recommended Brushes:

  • Kabuki (for large surface areas i.e. the entire face).

  • Multi-Purpose (for smaller areas needing additional coverage i.e. redness or
    under the eyes).

  • Eyeshadow brush (for small detailed areas needing coverage i.e. blemishes,
    more intense under eye areas).

Application Instructions
Begin by applying coverage to smaller areas of the skin i.e. blemishes, redness and
under the eyes. The smaller the area needing coverage, the smaller the brush you
use. When desired coverage is achieved, follow by applying mineral foundation to the
entire face. This technique will give you the best overall coverage for balanced,
vibrant skin. If desired, apply
setting powder and/or bronzer over the top.