How To Use Your 'Minerals Mate' Tray

Shake the amount of minerals you want into the appropriate-size well(s). Large wells are best
for foundations, blushes and all-over treatments; small wells are perfect for your eye colors.
With Minerals Mate, it’s okay if you pour too much product into the wells.

Swirl your brushes in the wells as you did before when using the container lids. Now you have
more swirling areas to use to get just the right amount of minerals you want on your brush. So
much more control! And, if you have any minerals left, use the caps that came with your
Minerals Mate tray to protect them until the next use.


Minerals Mate allows you to mix minerals together or use a mixing medium with a small portion
of your minerals without contaminating your main supply. Simply use the Minerals Mate tray as
an artist would use an artist’s palette.


Use the central ribbed textured section of the Minerals Mate tray as a thumb grip. It even
doubles as a scrubbing surface to gently clean your brushes!
'Minerals Mate' application & mixing trays provide a clean, effective and fun surface to use when
applying your minerals or any other powder product. Highly polished, it features three large wells
and four small wells, perfect for those foundations, blushes and eye colors! Use once and wash
with soap. Or, if you have some leftover minerals on the tray, just snap on the caps and save your
minerals for the next use! Each tray comes with three (3) “S”-shaped mini spatulas for mixing and
a lovely 'Minerals Mate' red satin pouch.
$21.95 each
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