For fair skin tones, peaches & pinks work the best; plums and berries on olive and dark skin.
Exception: if skin is ruddy, opt for neutral, brown-based blush (which cancels out redness), Oily
skin looks less "slick" under matte vs. shimmery formulas.

Dab blush on the lower apples (not center), then diagonally toward temples, along cheekbones.
For a softer look, apply color in up-and-down strokes (rather than straight back from apple to
Beauty Tips & Techniques
Foundation should be identical to your skin tone. When color testing, check appearance in
natural light to assure an accurate match. An ideal area to color test is on the neck, just below
the jawline. If you barely see the foundation on your face, this means it blends well with your
natural skin color. Never use foundation to change your skin tone - the last thing you want is a
makeup "mask". Earth Diva has 20 shades of
mineral foundation . Our Foundation sample kits
make it easy to find the best shade for your skin.

For application, tap a small amount of powder into the cap and swirl your
Kabuki brush into it.
Spread powder on clean, dry skin until pigment is fully blended. For blemishes, a separate
concealer is not needed. Use a smaller brush such as the
multi-purpose brush to apply a small
amount of powder to the problem areas and blend well. For individuals with dry skin, moisturize
as usual; However, allow adequate time for the lotion to be absorbed into the skin prior to
application. To achieve desired look, apply mineral foundation in "layers" rather than using a
large amount all at once.
To apply, tap a small amount of powder into cap or rest multi-purpose brush on top of sifter
holes and turn container upside down. To give your skin a natural glow, apply bronzer to
cheeks, chin, nose and across forehead- anywhere natural light reflects.  Apply over the top of
mineral foundation or by itself. For color selection, see
bronzer descriptions.
Mineral eyeshadow offers versatility to our appearance and are a fun way to express beauty. In
many cases they are purely decorative. Women are generally attracted to those colors that
compliment them.  With any of our quality
eyeshadow brushes, you should have no problems
creating your desired look!
Setting powder may be applied alone or over the top of your mineral foundation. Similar to
mineral foundation, tap a small amount of powder into the cap and swirl the kabuki brush into it.
Apply as desired. For a light coverage, use a tinted setting powder or simply use the translucent
serecite powder.