What is Mineral Makeup?
If you are new to minerals, you're probably asking yourself a series of questions:
What is mineral make-up
What makes minerals different than other kinds of make-up?

We've included a variety of information below that should provide you with more clarification
about mineral makeup and the benefits it can provide. If you have any additional inquiries,
please feel free to contact us anytime:

What Is Mineral Makeup? How Do Brands Differ?
All of Earth Diva products are made from finely milled, pulverized  and purified minerals.
This means 100% minerals with no added fillers. This is where many brands differ. Like
many products on the market, there are variations in the quality of mineral makeup. Not all
mineral makeup is equal. Check the ingredients of you mineral foundation, what do you
see? Cornstarch? Soybean flour? These ingredients are unnecessary and increase the
likelihood of skin sensitivity. See our full list of mineral makeup

100% Minerals vs. Liquid Foundation
Quality mineral makeup is dramatically different than applying a water-based liquid
foundation. Being in its purest state, mineral makeup cannot harbor the bacteria that a
water-based product can. This in turn will dramatically reduce the possibility of skin
irritation. Minerals are used as a tinting agent in pretty much all makeup, however, it is the
amount and other additives that make the difference in quality.  

Oily Skin?
Are you active in sports, exercise regularly, or live in a hot climate? If so, you may have
excess oil production on your face throughout the day. Our bare mineral foundation is
especially wonderful for this issue. Water-based foundation will smudge, smear and "melt"
on the face giving your skin an uneven appearance. Mineral makeup doesn't do this. Read
a local Eugene woman's
personal experience with this.

Your Health
Health is another reason to switch to 100% mineral makeup products. The cosmetics
industry is one of the leading contributors to our exposure to toxins. Our skin is a two-way
membrane; everything that we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bodies circulatory
system. One of the most common ingredient in cosmetics is
propylene glycol. This is in
almost everything from shampoos, face creams and even baby wipes!! Some people would
argue that in small doses it is "safe", however, think about its use over the entire course of
our lives. Bottom line: these additives can cause cancer. I'd prefer NO to carcinogens in my
cosmetics, thank you.