Many skin care manufacturers use chemical preservatives that may not only
cause allergic reactions, but release poisonous chemicals into our bodies
(many of which have been linked to cancer).  
Your health is important...
Naturally Beautiful.
Why Natural?
Minerals create the purest form of
cosmetics available.  Their organic,
naturally occurring composition is
ideal for make-up, as each mineral
holds radiant color & luster.
Our skin is a two-way membrane.  Just as toxins are released from the body
through perspiration, everything that we apply to our skin is absorbed through
our pores and into our body's circulatory system.
It is important that our skin can be nourished from the outside; however, we
must be cautious about the ingredients in our skin care products.
Why Earth Diva Mineral Make-up?
Why Use Natural Cosmetics?
  • Provides Excellent Coverage, lightweight and long-lasting.   
  • Nearly Waterproof- Supports Active Lifestyles
  • Natural UV Protection (SPF 15)
  • No Oils, Perfumes, Dyes or Parabens- Extremely Gentle and Helps Calm Irritated Skin
  • Minerals unable to Support Bacteria Growth
  • Organic and Certified Vegan
  • Affordable Prices
  • No Testing On Animals
Additional Resources
Skin Deep is a database dedicated to revealing safety/toxicity
ratings of cosmetic products.