Mineral Foundation
mineral foundation and cosmetic brushes
There are endless benefits of using natural beauty products such as mineral make-up,
including your health. Earth Diva's bare mineral foundation is 100% natural, made from finely
milled, pulverized  and purified minerals.   Here's a few benefits of using our quality mineral

Do You Frequently Get Acne or Other Skin Irritations? Bare mineral make-up is unable to
harbor bacteria that causes nasty break-outs. Because it is not water-based, it is impossible for
bacteria to grow.Loaded with zinc oxide, mineral makeup also has natural, anti-inflammatory
healing properties as well. Over time, it helps heal and prevent future breakouts. Its hypo-
allergenic properties makes it ideal for individuals with acne and sensitive skin. Earth Diva
mineral make-up does not contain fragrances, oils, bismuth oxychloride, talc, preservatives or
other filler ingredients that can cause irritation to sensitive skin.  

Do You Lead an Active Lifestyle, Work Out Regularly, or Live in a Hot, Humid
Environment? Mineral make-up is naturally water resistant therefore won't crease, run or smear
easily. It stays on longer and has a natural, lighter feel when applied compared to liquid cover-

Need Skin and UV Protection? Mineral make-up has a natural spf 15 protection-  no
additional sun block is typically needed. When applied, the microscopic flat crystals overlap one
another. Like a filtering system for the skin, the minerals continue to allow the skin to breathe, but
block harmful rays and pollutants. Not containing oils and waxes permit a more "breathable"
environment for the skin as well.    

Want Smoother, Naturally Beautiful Looking Skin? Mica is a transparent mineral that helps
hide fine lines and skin texture. It's natural glow and translucence reflects light therefore giving
the illusion of a smoother and softer skin tone.  

Love of Animals? All of Earth Diva's products are Certified Vegan. Our make-up contains NO
animal ingredients such as carmine and is not subject to animal testing. We only carry vegan,
cruelty-free cosmetic brushes as well. Join us in the support of compassionate beauty...

Want more information? Please visit our Q&A, Ingredients, Why Natural?, and Tips &
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